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Tips for Talking with Your Dentures In

Tips for Talking with Your Dentures In

You might struggle to speak naturally when you first get new dentures, but you'll get used to them pretty quickly with a little practice. Here, our Surrey and North Delta dentists offer a few tips on how to get better at talking while wearing your dentures.

It won't matter whether your dentures are removable or permanent, talking is bound to feel awkward until you get used to your new dentures.

Even for those who wear the best dentures available, changes or difficulties in speech are pretty typical for denture wearers in the early days. Your dentures could make clicking noises or shift while you’re talking, or you might find that you have trouble pronouncing F’s and S’s. 

But don't fret, practice makes perfect! Gradually you will get used to your dentures and before you know it you'll feel perfectly comfortable when speaking.

Tips to help you adjust to your new dentures:

Before you had dentures, when you were speaking, vibrations travelled through the bones of your jaw and skull. Now, with the dentures in place, that’s bound to sound a bit different. Dentures change the anatomy of your mouth which can increase or alter the sound of your voice. Try not to worry, this difference is much more noticeable to you than to anyone listening to you speak.

If you happen to notice clicking sounds when you talk, speak a little more slowly. Talking more slowly will you to help to prevent additional movements that lift or shift the lower denture. It's going to take a little practice to keep your lower denture stable since it requires help from several muscles in your cheeks, lips and tongue.

It's a good idea to bite down gently and swallow before you begin to speak. This will help to keep your dentures in their proper position.

Do your dentures frequently slip out of place? Speak with your dentist to see if they can recommend a denture adhesive to help keep your dentures in place.

Practice talking, even when you're alone, it will help you to get back to your normal speech patterns! Read out loud to yourself being sure to repeat words that you have trouble pronouncing.

Another great way to perfect talking your new dentures in is to frequently chat to your friends, family and pets. Practice, practice, practice is your key to talking with confidence once again.

If you have questions any about talking while wearing dentures please contact our Surrey and Delta dentists today to book a consultation.

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