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What is oral conscious sedation?

What is oral conscious sedation?

Anxious and nervous patients may find that oral conscious sedation helps them to get the dental treatment they need and deserve. Here's more about how this type of dental sedation works.

For patients who suffer from moderate to extreme dental anxiety, oral conscious sedation may help make dental appointments less stressful.

What is oral conscious sedation?

To help you feel more relaxed during dental appointments, oral conscious sedation is a prescription medication that can be administered by your dentist. 

Oral conscious sedation lasts long enough to help anxious patients get through most common dental procedures.

How will oral conscious sedation make me feel?

This type of sedation will help you to feel calm and at ease throughout your procedure.

You will feel very relaxed but remain conscious. Many patients feel so relaxed with oral conscious sedation that they even doze off during their treatment.  

This form of dental sedation is safe for most healthy patients. In order to avoid any drug interactions, your dentist will ask you to provide a full medical history prior to your treatment.

If you're scheduled to undergo dental treatment with oral conscious sedation, be sure to arrange for someone to take you home once your appointment is finished. Even though you will be conscious during your treatment, you will not be able to drive afterwards. 

If you think you could benefit from oral conscious sedation, contact our Delta dental office to book an appointment with one of our dentists.

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