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Intra Oral Camera

Intra oral cameras are small, stick-shaped cameras that can fit comfortably inside your mouth. These little cameras allow your dentist to obtain high-resolution images the inside of your mouth from all angles.

When is an intra oral camera used?

An intra oral camera is a very useful chairside tool for dentists and patients alike. It lets the patient actively participate in the oral health care process, showing them what's going on in real time. It also helps the dentist by providing clear, detailed images of the mouth. These images can be saved directly to the patient's file with a click of a button.

Intra oral cameras give our dental team accurate before and after pictures of dental restorations, and help expose the details of a damaged tooth more accurately.

What are the benefits of an intra oral camera?

Before intra oral cameras were available, dentists would have to show their patients their teeth using a mirror. This was a bit awkward and often left an inaccurate picture of what was going on, at best. 

With intra oral cameras, we can show the patients what the dentist is seeing in in detailed, high resolution on a screen. This means patients can make informed decisions in collaboration with their dentist, and develop a treatment plan together.

Want to learn more about intra oral cameras? Contact  our dental clinic today!

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